Welcome to 1-833-U-SERVED

H&R Process Serving specializes in serving hard to serve defendants in the Metro Detroit area. 

We operate a sophisticated and fully computerized software program that generates automatic email updates and allows our clients to monitor their cases via the internet 24/7.

Our courteous and experienced staff can handle any service of summons and complaints, subpoenas, garnishments, or any other document in the Metro Detroit area. 

We can also serve statewide and nationwide through our network of experienced service professionals. 

At H&R Process Serving,we understand how vital the service of process is to you and your clients. We use skilled and experienced process servers to ensure that your service is done the right way the first time.

Need a case filed quickly?
We can handle filing requests in any Metro Area courthouse. We also offer bulk filings that are billed one hourly rate for 1 to 100 documents. Please contact one of our representatives for a rate quote.
Need a case served quickly?
Rush service is available.
Call 1-833-U-SERVED to discuss your assignment with one of our representatives. We accept documents via email, fax, overnight/regular mail and in person.
Private Investigation Services
No request is too small. We handle private investigations, stakeouts, photo investigations and more. Please contact one of our representatives for a detailed rate quote today!






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